How metering domestic water reduces consumption of water. A Real Life Case Study.

Now and then life gives you a lesson for free, one that you did not plan for, but ends up being an eye opener.

We have historical data from our project PBEL City that in retrospect taught us a very important lesson.

Residents had occupied 696 apartments across 4 blocks in PBEL City, before water meters were installed across apartments. When you look at an 8 month period (July 2015 to February 2016, compared to July 2017 to February 2018) before and after the installation of the meters, the facts are quite eye opening.

With an average of 4 people per apartment, the per day usage dropped from 192 to 114 liters per day after the meters were installed. That’s a drop of 78 liters or approximately a 40% reduction in water usage.

When you look at this at a project wide level the numbers are staggering. The water consumption drops by 2.2 lakh liters per day, which over the period of 8 months is a total saving of 528 lakh liters of water.

This is a testament to the beneficial, psychological effect that metering a utility has on the end user.